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Wonderful hd porn movies and pictures from Jays POV.

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December 29 2008
Posted by mfk  [ 04:15 ]

HD porn - COURTNEY - Jays POV

Courtney was down to try porn from the get go. She actually heard from a friend that I was shooting scenes and contaced me through MySpace. These kind of girls are everywhere nowadays. You can bet she knew what she was getting into before I even met her. She was really into the sex and when I was done she wanted to keep going. Girls like this are made for porn because they have been watching it since they were really young. Apparently she has watched a scene or two because she seemed to know exacly what to do. This girl was totally down for whatever. I hope I get hang out with her again sometime so far she is my favorite of all the girls. Read Jays POV review
Posted by mfk  [ 04:14 ]
EMILY from HD POV site Jays POV

HD porn - EMILY - Jays POV

Emily was a friend of Summers that wanted to shoot with me after she heard about what me and Summer did. She was only about 5'0 and had a pussy so tight that would swear you were sticking your dick in a vise grip! I love it when girls are natural sluts. These girls are everywhere on MySpace. My dick was sore from fucking her tight little pussy after this scene. I love it when you feel like you are fucking a virgin, some girl can sqeeze that shit so tight!!! More Jays POV babes
Posted by mfk  [ 04:13 ]
MARIA from HD POV site Jays POV

HD porn - MARIA - Jays POV

Maria was a girl I met once again while chatting it up on MySpace and this time I had my work cut out for me. This girl wasn't really a slut, until she met me. We met up the first time and it took me all night just to get in her pants. We finally fucked after hours of making out but I didn't get to tape it. It was only after we talked another week before I told her I wanted to make a video of her and she agreed. I was suprised she was down she had never even given a blow job before. I made sure she was trained to be a pure slut before I was done with her. But then again I want to fuck her again maybe I will get to shoot her again one day. More Jays POV hotties
Posted by mfk  [ 04:12 ]
ELLI from HD POV site Jays POV

HD porn - ELLI - Jays POV

Elli is a hot young girl that I found Jacklyn's myspace. Apparently when I contacted her she already knew about me from Jacklyn and agreed to come over to make a hot scene. This girl loves to fuck and she can't get enough. I had to put the camera on the tripod so I could keep up. Nothing like finding a slutty girl on another slutty girls top friends list. Heres to Tom thank you man. More Jays POV girls
Posted by mfk  [ 04:10 ]
JENI from HD POV site Jays POV

HD porn - JENI - Jays POV

Jeni was a smoking hot colombian girl who has the greatest ass I have ever scene. I had to lay her on her stomach so I could get a great view of my pounding that ass. I was in Florida for about a week on vacation when we met, she had swinger listed on her profile and had some really revealing pics on her page. This is the first Colombian chick I have ever fucked. These girls have amazing asses. More Jays POV videos
Posted by mfk  [ 04:09 ]

HD porn - CHASSITIE - Jays POV

I met Chassite from a friend at the club and she told me she moved here to be a dancer. I showed her a video clip of one of my scenes that I had stored on my cell phone. She was shell shocked that I did porn at first, but after a little convincing she was at my house ready to go. Showing girls porn gets them horny, she wasn't down at first, but after seeing some clips of me ramming my cock in other girls she agreed to shoot. This girl wasn't easy but once the camera came on her personality came out and so this the true slut in her. More Jays POV movies
Posted by mfk  [ 04:08 ]
MELANIE from HD POV site Jays POV

HD porn - MELANIE - Jays POV

Melanie is another girl I met that responded to a blog post I had on MySpace seeking models. She as perfect little 18 year old firm tits and a southern accent that will get your dick hard just hearing her talk. She told me that she was comfortable with nudity so I told her to come in for a test shoot. I figured out pretty quick that she was a promiscous girl that loves sex so without hesitation I showed her some of my hardcore scenes. I was pleasantly suprised to find out that she had been wanting to try porn so this ended up working out for the best. She will never be the same since she discovered porn. I love slutty girls!!! More Jays POV galleries
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